Our Educators

At Moore Park Gardens, our educators are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.  We believe that every child has the right to an education that lays a foundation for the rest of their lives, maximizes their ability, and respects their family, cultural and other identities and languages.

We are proud of our consistency and continuity in educators, we know that young children form bonds with familiar and loving carers.  Our educators believe in continuing their own personal education and training by learning from families, listening to children, exploring new ideas in education and teaching from the heart.


Joanna Ferreira

Hi I’m Joanna, I am the Centre Director and Educational Leader.  I lead a team of passionate educators who have the daily pleasure of working with such exceptional children and families.

Previous to starting this role, I was the Preschool leader for 4 and a half years.  I am from the UK and I started my career as a primary school teacher in Brighton.  I worked for 5 years as a class teacher for children 4-7years.  I have a BA (Hons) Primary Education Degree 3-7 years with Advanced Early Years specialism, and a Diploma in Early Years 0-7 years.

I love working in Early Childhood because the children are creative and full of interest in learning. I am passionate about embracing the outdoor environment and creating play spaces that inspire children to explore.

As Director, daily relationships with families are my priority and I love to spend time with the children and educators every day. As Educational Leader, I provide support and training to our educators in implementing our philosophy and the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure that each child’s individuality and capabilities are celebrated and fostered. I support our preschool educators, children and families in their transition to school and I am committed to supporting the children’s social and emotional development so that they are excited and ready for a life of learning.

Our Educators