At Moore Park Gardens Childcare, we believe orientation is an important process which gives a child and their family, time to adjust and to settle into the Centre. It is a time for educators to gain important information about the needs of new children and those of their family. As a Centre, our aim is to maintain continuity between home and the time spent with us. Orientation visits helps to make the transition from home to Moore Park Gardens Childcare as smooth as possible.

Organise a Visit

Orientation visits can be arranged once your position at Moore Park Gardens Childcare has been secured and you have a start date. These visits are a time for you to explore the environment with your child and get to know the educators in your child’s room. It is important that you stay with your child during the orientation visits with may last from 20 min to to one hour depending on your child.

If your child does not want to participate in play or explore the environment that is fine. Sitting with you and watching the children play is a great way to learn about their new centre. We suggest at least 2 or 3 visits to the Centre to give them time to absorb their new surroundings while having you as a secure base.

Orientation visits are also a time for you to talk to the primary staff about your child’s routine, allergies, settling techniques and general personality. It is important to share this information with staff to keep as much consistency as possible.

We will only be orientating one child at any time to ensure the staff give you the attention you need, so please make sure you leave time for these important visits.

” When you go off to work, we want you to know who’s looking after your child and for you to feel comfortable and confident in our abilities.” Sharn Brazier