About Us

 At Moore Park Gardens Childcare, we place the needs of the child before all else, we run programs and engage educators who strive for positive outcomes for all children. We pride ourselves on working with family, incorporating diversity and promoting tolerance.

We understand the need for consistent secure attachments throughout the early childhood years, and believe that this is the key to a good foundation for learning. We are passionate about the advocacy and development of child care programs which have children and high-quality practice at its heart.

We hope that you enjoy your time at Moore Park Gardens Childcare, as much as we do.


Sharn Brazier

With over twenty five years experience in the care and education of young children, I feel lucky to have found such a fascinating profession. I am passionate about the learning that takes places in the early years, as the brain develops, laying its foundation for future learning.

As a child, I spent many hours tinkering in my grandfathers garage, dismantling broken clocks hoping to discover and fix the problem. It was from here that the thrill of self-discovery, endless possibilities and love of learning began.

As a working parent myself with twin daughters, I understand the balancing act within the home and the important role my centre plays. As an educator I value time; time to allow children to make discoveries, to explore possibilities and to be present in their learning.


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